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Hosted Exchange Email
Support in Los Angeles

Hosted Exchange email support services are in high demand in Los Angeles. That’s because Hosted Exchange email (also called microsoft Exchange email) is the best small solution for business. Microsoft Exchange isn’t just poplular becanse of brand recongnition. Microsoft Exchange email is more reliable, faster and convenient than its two major competitors. Hosted Exchange email support also provides email spam protection for Los Angeles businesses 

The three email platforms that dominate the business market are pop3, IMAP, and microsoft Exchange Here’s a quick rundown of all three.

  • You can access email only on one device
  • The server deletes your email after you download it
  • No backups. If you lose the device that download your emails, you lose your emails 
  • Largely obsolete 
  • Lowest cost
  • Mail stored on remote server, i.e. accessible from multiple different locations.
  • Internet connection needed to access mail.
  • Faster overview as only headers are downloaded until content is explicitly requested.
  • Mail is automatically backed up if server is managed properly.
  • Saves local storage space.
  • Option to store mail locally.
  • Security
  • Complete scalability
  • Savings
  • Increase productivity
  • High availability
  • Easily accessible
  • Always updated
  • Centralized contacts, groups
  • Powerful and fast
  • Calendars, shared calendars

Global IT Helps Los. Angeles Businesses with Hosted Exchange Email Support

Email is a critical communication tool in the business environment. high performing email systems that will save your time, resources, money and provide confidence by demonstrating an increase in productivity. that’s why Global IT strongly recommends Microsoft Exchange (Hosted Exchange email). Considering the dependability and convenience you get, it’s an incredible value for most business owners. Orange ISP’s customers in Los  Angeles Country that use Microsoft Exchange are incredibly satisfied with the service.

Nevertheless, businesses have different needs and priorities. Orange ISP works with customers that use POP3, IMPS, and Exchange. No matter what email platform you use, with Orange ISP you can take comfort in knowing that a live customer service representative is available and that you will never have to purchase email hardware or software licenses again


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“Service is terrific from the installation through using the service. Scheduling an appointment was incredibly easy. They actually gave a 1 hour window so you don’t have to wait for hours like you do for Comcast. their service is also phenomenal. We previously had Comcast and often suffered from slow connections during peak evening hours. Now, We get service that ranges anywhere from 200-500 Mbps and has not once had a buffering issue. it’s awesome. stop reading and go sign up!.

Senior V.P Beverly Hills & New York.