Internet Los Angeles

Get high availability 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 500Mbps Managed Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) with redundancy. Access the Internet over a variety of interface types and speeds via non-shared connections. Our Dedicated Internet Service is designed for businesses and clouds that want to consolidate their communications links while improving performance and stability levels.

Fiber can be delivered to just about any location; however, DIA fiber charges are sometimes higher than alternative connection options. Fiber provides the latest in technologies, highest speed throughput options, highest quality (low latency & packet loss), so you can do pretty much anything with the connection.

The Orange ISP Benefits

With end-of-end network management, industry-leading Service Level Agreements, and excellent customer service, fiber Internet is a sensible choice for growing businesses that require fast and reliable high-performance Internet access at a reasonable price.


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“Service is terrific from the installation through using the service. Scheduling an appointment was incredibly easy. They actually gave a 1 hour window so you don’t have to wait for hours like you do for comcast. their service is also phenomenal. We previously had comcast and often suffered from slow connections during peak evening hours. Now, We get service that ranges anywhere from 200-500 Mbps and has not once had a buffering issue. it’s awesome. stop reading and go sign up!.

Senior V.P Beverly Hills & New York.